Hand-made accessories
Japanese traditional art

What is MIzuhiki?

Mizuhiki is a Japanese traditional art that has been passed down from generation to generation in Japan since even before the Edo period (1603–1867). It has been used to decorate presents and envelopes of gift money on ceremonial occasions.

Mizuhiki is made from Washi (an ancient Japanese paper) that is tightly twisted, starched to be stronger, and covered with silk thread. Therefore, it is very delicate and vulnerable to friction and water.

Hand-made in Vancouver

Richmond, a city of Metro Vancouver, B.C. Canada


The flower-like-shaped Mizuhiki charms are colorful and bright. They can add character to your outfit, for sure!


Because mizuhiki is made of paper, it weighs extremely little. You might forget they are on!

Made in Japan

All Mizuhiki (washi paper strings) used here are from a Mizuhiki specialty shop that has been around for over 300 years in Japan. 

Thank you for having an interest on Mizuhiki accessories!

Please note that:
– Since each piece is made by hand, they will not be exactly the same.
– Slight differences in color and shape may occur.
– Mizuhiki is made from paper, so it is delicate and vulnerable to friction and water.

About the maker

Hello! I’m a mom who lives near Vancouver.
It’s been several years since I became passionate about Mizuhiki. In addition to homeschooling my children, I enjoy making Mizuhiki in my spare time.

Custom-made items are also welcome, so please feel free to contact directly at info@shizuriya.com